A Belgium based creative light & video company.


ID2Q was founded in 2014 by Dimitri Theuwissen and Jimmy Stas.

In 2018 Cedric Eestermans also joined our team and in 2019 Arno Hendrickx joined.

We originate from the entertainment industry, Live events, TV shows and Concerts but have expanded our services to Architectural and Retail lighting design.


We are convinced it is important to involve visual creatives in a project from the very first "ID" right thru until the final "Q". But we think further.


For ID2Q not only the final result is important. The way to get there is equally important as well as the long term impact of the design. This is analysed and results are integrated during the creative process . Sustainability is a vital part to any creative exercise in our opinion.

As any up to date design company we use all the technological tools at hand but we also collaborate with our broad network of creative professional friends to make sure we look at any project with an open mind and think out of the box when we need to. 

With 20 years of experience working on all kinds of projects including Olympic Ceremonies, Eurovision Song Contests, and various other worldwide known projects we are ready to meet the highest possible standards.


Dimi, Jimmy, Cedric & Arno




Antwerpsesteenweg 318 

3970 Leopoldsburg




3500 Hasselt